How To Get The High (Very French-Feeling) Bun

Nina Carbone | November 12, 2009 - 8:50 pm

Lately, it seems, we’ve been inundated with red carpet high buns—Charlize Theron loves ‘em, Rachel Bilson went high and tight recently, and SJP has sported the high bun for years. Mostly I shy away from the style because I think they look a bit too ballerina and also just too sweet on me—until now. I happened upon this high bun, above, and instantly fell in love. Maybe it’s the French feeling of the style or the casual, just-swept-up look, but how cool would it be paired with, well, anything in your closet? Adore. Plus, I love that there are how-to photo instructions—because nothing says “this is how you do it!” like photos! Check ‘em out after the jump.


One bit of advice, though: You need really long hair. Having tried the style out this morning, my a little-longer-than-shoulder-length hair wasn’t long enough. I was, though, able to pin everything up in place well enough and make it sort of work. But still, grow hair grow! [A Cup of Jo]