How To Get The High (Very French-Feeling) Bun

Lately, it seems, we’ve been inundated with red carpet high buns—Charlize Theron loves ‘em, Rachel Bilson went high and tight recently, and SJP has sported the high bun for years. Mostly I shy away from the style because I think they look a bit too ballerina and also just too sweet on me—until now. I happened upon this high bun, above, and instantly fell in love. Maybe it’s the French feeling of the style or the casual, just-swept-up look, but how cool would it be paired with, well, anything in your closet? Adore. Plus, I love that there are how-to photo instructions—because nothing says “this is how you do it!” like photos! Check ‘em out after the jump.


One bit of advice, though: You need really long hair. Having tried the style out this morning, my a little-longer-than-shoulder-length hair wasn’t long enough. I was, though, able to pin everything up in place well enough and make it sort of work. But still, grow hair grow! [A Cup of Jo]