U.K. Hospital Won’t Deliver Overweight Women’s Babies

A hospital in the U.K. has some overweight mothers-to-be outraged. Weston General Hospital will refuse to deliver babies to pregnant women with a body mass index of 34 or more. That roughly equates a woman who is 5’6” and weighs about 210 pounds. Their reasoning behind what many women are calling discrimination? Mothers with a high BMI are at risk for bleeding and severe labor complications. They will send these mothers to another hospital 20 miles away with a more hi-tech maternity ward. This all sounds shady to me. The last thing any woman in labor needs is to: a) be told she’s fat and b) to take a full-on road trip to deliver her baby. Sounds like Weston General Hospital needs to upgrade their freaking maternity ward. But what do you think? Is this discrimination or a step forward in the war on obesity? [Daily Mail]