Now Your Bustier Can Double As A Putting Green

I’ve heard of some strange lingerie in my time, but the Nice Cup in Bra, comin’ at ya straight outta Japan, is probably one of the more bizarre. That green bustier? It magically transforms into a putting green. In Japan, there’s a golfing boom among young women — “those women always on the go” — who, it seems, must sate their putting urges on the spot. The deets: “The mat is about 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length and has (unsurprisingly) two cups to aim for [and] small pockets for holding golf tees and scoring pencils.” If you make a whole-in-one, the bra exclaims, “Nice in!” The miniskirt turns into a flag that tells everyone to be quiet while you focus on the green. [Examiner]