Kristin Cavallari And 7 Other Famous Serial Boyfriend Stealers

Kristin Cavallari has only been back on MTV for a few months, and she’s already pushed Audrina Patridge into crazytown by gallivanting around with not one, but two of Audrina’s exes. First, she set her sights on Justin-Bobby Brescia and now she’s dating Tal Cooperman, co-owner of DCMA Collective clothing. While her affair with Justin-Bobby was a storyline for the show, Kristin has been cozying up to Tal of her own accord. According to a source, “It’s brand new. They’re having a lot of fun enjoying getting to know each other better. It’s not for the show. They hit if off and have been hanging out off-camera.” Sorry, Audrina. Looks like another boy has gone to the dark side. [The Hollywood Gossip]

What’s up with starlets boyfriend shopping in other girls’ closets? Is it just that they have the same taste and run in the same circles—or do they do it on purpose? We’ve found a few other culprits who are guilty of stealing multiple ex-boyfriends from another woman.

  • Avril Lavigne vs. Paris Hilton. Weirdly enough, Paris dated Avril’s ex-husband Deryck Whibley before they got hitched. Now that they’re divorced, Avril is allegedly moving in with Paris’ ex, oil heir Brandon Davis. So much for skater boys. [PopCrunch]
  • Lindsay Lohan vs. The Olsen Twins. I know they’re not the same person, but since I can’t usually tell them apart and they’ve jointly stolen multiple boyfriends, they’re on the same team today. Ashley Olsen briefly dated Wilmer Valderrama after his breakup with Lindsay Lohan and was hooking up with Jared Leto before Lindsay stole him away, so I guess they’re even? However, Mary-Kate Olsen was supposedly hooking up with Heath Ledger before his death. Also, this week it came out that Lindsay was maybe dating Heath as well. [Stylecaster]
  • Kate Hudson vs. Sheryl Crow. Kate Hudson dated Owen Wilson after his three-year-long relationship with Sheryl Crow, and when that relationship turned sour, Hudson ran off with Crow’s cycling ex, Lance Armstrong. Or maybe the point should be that evil Lance Armstrong keeps stealing sensitive Owen Wilson’s girlfriends? [Daily Mail]
  • Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie. The former besties both allegedly slept with Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman, who was frontman of the band Deadsy. He told Howard Stern that he was worried he’d caught something from Paris and mentioned that although he slept with Richie years ago, they’re still friends. Classy guy. And long after Nicole Richie dated Brody Jenner (who said she was good in bed on “The Howard Stern Show”), Paris Hilton locked lips with Brody last year but tried to deny it, despite photographic evidence. I still think that Paris dating Benji Madden was a nice way to not steal Joel Madden from Nicole. [The Insider]