I Want A Man Who Looks Like Grandpa Did

Ever look at old black and white photographs of your grandparents and think, Man, she was so glam; Gramps was so handsome. (Well, hopefully your grandparents were/are attractive people. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.) But there’s something especially captivating about the men in those pictures that makes you realize that guys just don’t look like that anymore. It’s difficult to you put your finger on what it is exactly. The hair, yes; the clothes, yes. But it’s also something about how everything works together to give the faces an all-together different aesthetic that you don’t see so often. Swoon.

At the very least, reports the New York Times, old-fashioned fashions are making a comeback with men. Did you do a double take with the photo above? Because surprisingly, those models are decked out Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbanna. According to the Times, a “new Victorian” aesthetic is experiencing a revival, which we should have seen coming with all those mustachioed hipsters with their lofts decked out with taxidermy. Now men’s designers are incorporating what would have seemed like costumey details of tweed, Civil War-like coats, vests, and bowties, into their designs to bring back the old into the mainstream.

Sadly, we haven’t seen any guys who have gone all out with the nouveau Victorian look. But the man who did could be irresistibly sexy. Don’t believe us? Check out the Times’s spread featuring the dandy styles—trust us, it’s like period porn. [New York Times]