Have You Got What It Takes To Woo The Hoff?

He was there singin’ when the Berlin Wall fell, he could get a Trans Am to bend to his will, and he can pack an entire television show with his chest hair flapping in the Malibu beach wind. But when it comes to we women, David’s got a list he’ll check twice before you can get Hoffed. So, ladies, the question is: Do you stack up in every “sex’tion” of his life? After the jump, we’ll reveal his priceless dos and don’ts.

DO love to drive in a Trans Am.
DO listen when other people are explaining their feelings.
DO love health foods.
DO like spontaneous dates— a drive up the L.A. Freeway or a burger at the local McDonald’s. (You know, health foods.)
DO like flowers.

Also we’d have to add DO think he can sing.

DON’T be a tease. (i.e., The Hoff doesn’t take “no” for an answer.)
DON’T treat him like he’s a god—he’s a normal guy just like anyone else.
DON’T compare him to other actors.
DON’T smoke cigarettes or drink. (YouTube says, “Ha!”)
DON’T be afraid to write David; he just might answer you!

So, ladies, you have your marching orders if you want a piece of the Hoff!

[WOW Report via trudymade]