Do You Dress Up To Go Shopping?

Check out Rachel Bilson. She’s looking seriously put-together in her majah heels, chic black pants, fab Phillip Lim bag and pretty blow-out. (And her friend is looking adorable, too!) Where’s the party or red carpet, you ask? There isn’t one — she’s headed out for a day of shopping … looking so on top of her sartorial game. There isn’t a pair of tattered, L.A. cool jeans in sight! This reminds me of when I used to spend an entire Saturday shopping. Before hitting up, say, Barneys or Bergdorf’s to browse the racks, I’d spend a ridiculously absurd and laughable amount of time planning what I was going to wear. (Yep, all just to go shopping.) I had to look very put-together, but not like I was trying too hard. And while you may find this a colossal waste of time, I gotta point out that dressing up before shopping in fancy-pants stores really did get me better customer service from the sales floor staff (sad, but true!) and I just felt better about myself, even if I was just there to find a new pair of, say, gloves or something small. Do you ever do the same thing—seriously think long and hard about what to wear for a day of hitting the stores? Or can you just not be bothered?