Alexander McQueen’s Crazy Shoes Are Hot Items?!

If conceptual fashion is wearable art, then the runway is the museum it stays in. Some designers present collections with saleability in mind; others like to make a point by going the artsy route, in which case what lands on the shelves might not be quite what you saw at the fashion shows. Apparently not so in Alexander McQueen’s case. When his extreme platform heels recently came down the runway in Paris, they garnered a lot of attention—but did we ever once think that these shoes weren’t just for show and were, gulp, available for sale? According to Grazia, McQueen has “been inundated with calls from women wanting to order the footwear – starting from the day after the designer’s incredible catwalk show was streamed live on the web,” which might make him really consider producing the shoes en masse.

The real question is … who are these buyers? Fashion fanatics with feet of steel? Collectors? Rich people who have to have everything? Our other ideas for situations in which these mega-heels could come in handy, after the jump. []

  • Attending a convention for giants, or basketball players.
  • For short people trying to cheat the height requirement for an audition of “America’s Next Top Model“.
  • For pounding meat when you’ve lost your meat cleaver.
  • A makeshift hockey stick.
  • Makeshift ping-pong paddle.
  • Spanking paddle.