Today’s Lady News: Alabama Principal Bans Lesbian Couple From Attending Prom

  • Cynthia Stewart, a 17-year-old junior in Alabama, event planner on the prom committee and out lesbian, allegedly asked her high school principal if she could bring her girlfriend as her date and was told no. When Stewart’s aunt/guardian appealed the principal’s decision to the school board, they let it stand. Happy prom, kids! [Feministing]
  • For the first time ever, the Mormon church has announced support for gay rights legislation by speaking up for Salt Lake City laws which would ban discrimination against gays in housing and employment. The church still says it doesn’t support gay marriage, though. []

  • Scott Roeder, the man who confessed to murdering late-term abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller last May, told the Associated Press he did so because it was necessary to save lives. But even his own lawyers don’t buy that excuse. Steve Osburn, Roeder’s public defender, admitted the law has no such thing as a “necessity defense.” [AP]
  • Los Angeles police are on the hunt for Miguel Herrera, who allegedly got pissed off at his girlfriend on Halloween night so he raped her, punched her in the face, whipped her with an electrical cord and poured battery acid on her face. Jeez. [L.A. Times]
  • “Rosies,” named for Rosie The Riveter, who symbolized women who contributed to the war effort in WWII, celebrated Veterans Day along with all the nation’s military veterans today. [New York Times]


  • Remember Neda, the young Iranian woman who died earlier this year and became an icon of Iran’s oppressive regime? The Iranian embassy in London has criticized a philosophy scholarship set up in her honor at Oxford, calling it “politically motivated.” [CNN]
  • Michael Roston, a blogger at True/Slant, wonders if everyone who’s working on Afghanistan’s military strategy is actually an old white dude. [True/Slant]