Shakira, 32, Says She’s Too Young To Get Married

At Monday night’s Rolling Stone party in New York City, Shakira made an off-handed comment to a NY Daily News reporter. “Yes, I’d love to have kids,” she said. “But I’m much too young to get married!” Cue the spin. “Shakira seems to have her priorities out of order,” reads an item in today’s issue. The reporter interpreted this quote as Shakira saying she was ready for kids, but not marriage. I don’t get that logical jump—she was just saying that she’d love to have kids, at some point in life. And I personally find it very cool that a 32-year-old woman who’s in a nine-year relationship says she isn’t ready to get married. (Though, if memory serves me correctly, she and Antonio de la Rúa have been engaged for a while, no?) It’s just refreshing that she’s not in a rush, like so many famous folks. The average American woman gets married at age 25.6—and I often wonder if the institution of marriage would look different if that number were a bit higher. What do you think? [NY Daily News]