Diapered Astronaut Gets Slap On Wrist In Court

Remember Lisa Nowak, the astronaut turned would-be kidnapper? She stole a car to race to Florida, wearing a diaper so she wouldn’t have to stop since she was in such a hurry to put on a wig and mace her romantic rival, Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman. Well, Lisa just went to court. She originally faced felony charges, like attempted kidnapping, which could have gotten her life in prison, but the charges were reduced to misdemeanor battery and burglary of an automobile. And a judge also took it easy on her, only sentencing Lisa to a year of probation and requiring her to send an apology letter to Colleen, promising to stay far, far away. Colleen is now married to the man Lisa attacked her over, and since the happy couple lost their jobs in the fallout from the incident, they moved to Alaska to freelance. All’s well that ends well? [Newser]