4 Cute Earmuffs To Cozy Up To

Hey, cupcake! It’s getting cold, isn’t it? Want a cute way to keep warm? Here are our picks for some cozy earmuffs — they won’t mess up your hairstyle and are guaranteed to garner smiles. Check them out after the jump!

  1. Forget those fancy-schmancy Burberry ‘muffs. Instead of plaid, go for a houndstooth print, which is just as preppy and dignified. [$9.95, SKHatsShop]
  2. We swear we had these same, exact earmuffs as a kid. Is that a bad sign that we still like them? [$8, Old Navy]
  3. For those who really want to play up the cuteness, try an animal-themed pair. [$6.80, Forever21]
  4. Hearts on fire, no. But ears, yes! [$26.84, Monsoon]