Cougar Trend Watch: Animal Print Fashions For Fall

demirobinson 111109 m jpg
According to a new survey, Demi Moore supposedly caused a spike in the number of women aspiring to be cougars. Now, one in three women would date someone younger and aren’t as afraid to appear to be on the hunt for the ripe man flesh. And what better way to stalk your prey than by looking fabulous! If there’s one thing huntresses have in common, besides a thirst for men in their prime, it’s a love of leopard print. From Mrs. Robinson to Demi Moore (pictured here), these ladies are always showing their wild side with spotted clothing. It’s the cougar uniform. And there is no better time to show off your cougar wear than this fall because fake fur and leopard print are even hotter than Ashton Kutcher! Unleash that sexy animal inside with stuff that won’t make you look old enough to be your boy toy’s mom, but super hot and on the prowl.
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