How Do We Feel About Nude Dining?

The Sub Rosa restaurant in Oregon serves food and drink with a side of music, and clothing is optional. The trend was initially started by the staff, who found themselves stripping down during a blistering hot day at an outdoor barbecue. (Seriously, what was that one about if you can’t take the heat?) Diners soon joined in, and since then, it’s been a clothing-unnecessary place to dine, drink and dance.

The Sub Rosa actually turns out to be sort of invitation only, but if you really think about it (and get past the possibly painful spill factor), it could be a great way to get yourself to eat smaller portions! How? Just picture it: There you are at your kitchen table, about to bite into a giant Pizza Hut stuffed-crust, double meat-lovers slice and you look down and see … a lil’ belly bloat! Personally, I’d probably be motivated to take a pass, pick up my fork and chow on a salad. Am I totally off with this, folks? Ever tried to eat while not fully clothed? [InventorSpot]