Tracy Morgan Was Too Raunchy For Carnegie Hall Crowd

“Obama is really changing the White House, because he and Michelle will have the first presidential sex tape out.”

Yeah, you’re not the only one that didn’t find that Tracy Morgan joke funny. In fact, his performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall tanked last Friday because fans were expecting his comedy routine to be more in line with “30 Rock” character Tracy Jordan’s humor. You know, prime-time approved. But, instead, some audience members walked out as Tracy joked about homosexuality being “a choice,” drugs, pornography, and something he calls “politricks,” which, according to Urban Dictionary, are the tricks politicians play, but I think Tracy means something much raunchier. Middle-aged women were reportedly the most appalled when he started mimicking sex acts while on stage. He seemed to have no problem with his routine shocking audience members: “You want the clean Tracy? Turn on the TV.” [NY Daily News]