The Key To A Man’s Relationship Status Is In His Underwear-Buying Habits

If your guy lets you buy his underwear, then he thinks you’re “the one.” That’s according to a study by British retailer Debenhams, which says men, between the ages of 23 and 33, allow their partners to buy their underwear when they’re in the stable phase of their relationship. Men ages 19 to 23 tend to buy their own underwear, about 31 pairs a year, because they’re on the prowl and think new underwear is essential to finding a mate. Before the age of 19, his mom will do all the underwear shopping. So, if a guy is buying more than 31 pairs a year, he’s either still trying to impress his special lady or he realizes she’s not right for him and is looking for another girl. This could explain why my ex had difficulty settling down. He was always buying new underwear and keeping them in his drawer. [Reuters]