Sheer Genius: Virgin Atlantic’s “Flying Without Fear” iPhone App

I’m a nervous flyer. We’re talking full-on panic attacks. The only way you can get me on a plane is with a dose of anti-anxiety meds, and maybe a few rounds at the airport bar. And I’m sorry, but all that “Don’t worry, you’re safer in the air than walking across the street” crap isn’t helping. Flying metal tubes, people! Suspended thousands of feet above the ground! It’s just not natural. While I’m not one who would pay for one of those supposed cure-your-fear in one day courses for a million dollars, here’s something that I’m totally willing to try out—Virgin Atlantic’s new “Flying Fear Without” iPhone application. Virgin has already boasted high success rates from its in-person seminars for scared flyers. The iPhone app builds on that, and works as a tool to help you calm down in-flight. There are video explanations, relaxation exercises, plus answers to all the irrational questions and scenarios that flood your mind. My personal favorite touch is the “Fear Attack” section, aimed to battle in-the-moment panic. Honestly, I think half the success of an airplane phobia application must come less from the actual features, but more from the act of becoming absorbed and distracted by something. Am I right?

Do you have a fear of flying? Have you been able to overcome it? Think an iPhone application like Virgin America’s could do the trick? Please, buckle your seat belts and let the discussion take off. []