Quickies: Aerosmith Seeks Steven Tyler Replacement & A Post-Mortem On The “Gossip Girl” Threesome

  • Now that Steven Tyler’s apparently out, who should become Aerosmith’s new frontman? [Entertainment Weekly] — EW has some interesting suggestions, but that’s beside the point — it just won’t be the same.
  • Strange fashions abound at a Beijing Fashion Week grad student show. [The Daily Mail] — How far does a look have to go before it moves from “avant-garde” to just plain crazy?
  • City” boy Freddie Fackelmayer says MTV edited him into a “womanizing jerk.” [Washington City Paper] — Scripted or not, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it just might be a womanizing jerk.

  • There were apparently upsides to last night’s controversial “Gossip Girlménage a trois. [BuddyTV.com] — This commentary will do nothing to appease the Parents Television Council. Fans, however, will likely be amused.
  • PopEater explores why we like watching the world destroyed in movies and on TV. [Popeater] — ‘Cause there’s a little bit of Michael Stipe in us all.
  • Cambridge, the second-oldest Anglophone university in the world, gets a cheerleading squad after 800 years. [Daily Telegraph]
  • Your odd science news of the day: researchers grow new penile tissue on male lab rabbits. [US News & World Report] — A medical breakthrough that’s quite useful for a species known for mass reproduction — and for the rabbits too.