Jim Carrey Is Still Annoying, But His Website Is Awesome!

I just spent way too much time surfing around Jim Carrey’s website. Actually, it felt more like swimming than surfing and its bizarreness kind of made me like the man. A centipede curls into itself in the center of a dark screen while the page loads, and before you decide to navigate away, a window opens into a scene that looks like a cross between a Salvador Dali painting and a Tim Burton film. It’s like the three of them got together to create a video game. All of the bizarre characters scattered across the landscape have Jim’s features, and about half of them are clickable icons—like the Jim Carrey-headed harpy that scrolls 144 character messages from its mouth, and when clicked, directs you to Jim’s Twitter page. There’s also an egg you can crack to release a floating ballet rock star princess. If you click on her, the link takes you to his daughter’s band’s MySpace page. Trippy. [Jim Carrey]