How To Keep Your Skin Soft This Winter

The second it starts getting chilly, my skin get dry and flaky with a quickness. It’s gross and I kind of thought there wasn’t much to do it about it for years. As it turns out though, almost any level of winter time skin dryness is fixable. I started experimenting with various products a couple years back and I think I’ve got the perfect mix now. If you dry out like mad, too, take the jump and I’ll tell you how to control the situation.

  • Face (Day)- Regardless of the times of year, temperature and air dryness, you should be putting on face cream after every face washing. This becomes all the more important in the winter. I’m a die-hard lover over Kiehl’s oil free moisturizer because, much like a 15 year old, I still get the occasional pimple and this stuff is oil free but still rich.
  • Face (Night)- Now it’s time to get serious. Unless your skin is really, really dried out and you don’t have any breakout problems, you’re still going to want to go oil free with your night cream. Zia’s Citrus Night Time Repair somehow feels crazy thick without any bad oils. Apply it thickly before bed and, within a couple days of use, you’ll notice a legitimate difference. If you want to get really serious about it, use Zia’s accompanying Fresh Papaya Enzyme Mask three or four times a week before the cream. Your whole life will seem better after the first week of this routine. Seriously.
  • Feet- First, buff them. The infomercial is cheesy, but the foot egg works. Once you’ve used it to get rid of the truly dead skin, wash and dry your feet. Now, grab some Vaseline and absolutely slather your feet in it. Cover those slippery, greasy feet with thick socks and wake up to soft and lovely heels.
  • Body- Always apply body lotion after your shower. Something with shea or cocoa butter is ideal. Once the air gets cold and devoid of moisture though, you should be deep moisturizing at least a couple times a month. Pick up some pure cocoa butter like this and cover your entire body save the face, hands and feet. Throw on full body pajamas to lock it in (and prevent getting your house all greasy) then go to sleep. As with the foot treatment, you’ll wake up softer.