How To Keep Your Hair Soft And Shiny In The Winter

Lily Q | November 10, 2009 - 8:50 pm

The air is becoming cold and dry and that’s messing with your hair, right? From flyaway strands to dry scalp-induced dandruff, the war is officially on. Tackle the dried-out rat’s nest you used to call your hair with these tricks and products:

  • If you’re starting to look legitimately dried out, a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioner is a good idea. We like this “hair smoothie” by Carol’s Daughter.
  • Once a month, whip out a hot oil treatment for immediate silky smoothness.
  • For run-of-the-mill dry hair, keep in mind that you should be conditioning every time you wash. Go with a deep moisturizing formula for extra impact and to tame some of the stray strands.
  • I’m not a dandruff-riddled person until the frigid temps start. Then I have a week or two of icky white flakes which, with black clothes, are just not welcome. Or I did, anyway. Now, I crush aspirin into a fine powder, pour it into my shampoo bottle and solve the situation in a couple days. I was skeptical, but it really works well. And fast.