How To Keep Your Hair Soft And Shiny In The Winter

The air is becoming cold and dry and that’s messing with your hair, right? From flyaway strands to dry scalp-induced dandruff, the war is officially on. Tackle the dried-out rat’s nest you used to call your hair with these tricks and products:

  • If you’re starting to look legitimately dried out, a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioner is a good idea. We like this “hair smoothie” by Carol’s Daughter.
  • Once a month, whip out a hot oil treatment for immediate silky smoothness.
  • For run-of-the-mill dry hair, keep in mind that you should be conditioning every time you wash. Go with a deep moisturizing formula for extra impact and to tame some of the stray strands.
  • I’m not a dandruff-riddled person until the frigid temps start. Then I have a week or two of icky white flakes which, with black clothes, are just not welcome. Or I did, anyway. Now, I crush aspirin into a fine powder, pour it into my shampoo bottle and solve the situation in a couple days. I was skeptical, but it really works well. And fast.