10 Suggestions For Gemma Ward’s Retirement Plans

This just in: Supermodel Gemma Ward’s agent has officially announced that the Australian catwalk queen has retired from the fashion industry! if you’ve noticed, there hasn’t been much of Gemma lately; she’s been absent from magazine covers and, more notably, the past few runway seasons. The reason for her departure? She wasn’t as into modeling “following the death of Heath Ledger, to whom she was romantically tied.” So, yeah, now she’s headed for retirement, at the ripe old age of 22. (Twenty-two!) But word on the web is that her life away from the catwalk is really making a healthy difference. “She was photographed last week in New York wearing a print jacket, shorts and biker boots and looking more like a healthy young woman and less like an emaciated wraith.” (Jeez, harsh much?)

While, I could go on for paragraphs about how frickin’ jealous I am that she can even afford (both financially and career-wise) to give it all up, it’s more fun (and less woe-is-me-sad-sack) to play the what-will-she-do-next game! My very strategic guesses, after the jump.A few suggestions, Gemma:

  1. Start your own skincare line. (Provided those years of caked-on makeup, no sleep, cigarette smoke, and booze haven’t sought revenge yet.)
  2. Act. Obvious. But we know you’ve got way more tricks up your sleeve. Please don’t go all Rebecca Romijn/Amber Valetta/Molly Sims/Milla Jovovich on us.
  3. Get yourself a talk show and proclaim yourself the Australian Oprah. Tyra, watch your back.
  4. Travel. Go anywhere but New York, Paris, Milan and London. Leave the 70-year-old, billionaire German financier boyfriend at home. Avoid all yachts and getting your photo taken topless while lying on the deck of a yacht.
  5. Become a mom. How’s the boyfriend potential looking? Not so hot? Make like Angelina.
  6. Write a book about yoga. Write a book about loving the body you’re in. Write a book about fashion. Then, write a book about how you compulsively did yoga, skipped meals for days and can’t stand to ever wear couture-anything ever again. That last one will sell.
  7. Open up a second-hand store and sell the contents of your closet(s).
  8. Give all that money directly to charity. Be a non-profit spokesperson. Get honored for being said spokesperson.
  9. Do nothing. Blog about it.
  10. Ride your bike on the beach—sure sounds like a great plan to me …

Any other suggestions for Miss Ward? She’s got some free time on her hands now! [Teen Vogue]