Love Nest: “Decorate” Your Non-Working Fireplace!

I was checking out Ryan Korban’s new interior design website this morning—he co-owns the super chic and English-y eclectic shoe shop Edon Manor, is besties with Alexander Wang (they went to school together), and has been designing Wang’s offices, etc., since day one—and happened upon this genius idea on how to make a non-working fireplace visually interesting: Stack it with books! Turn the books around so the spine sides are facing into the fireplace and stack them in all sorts of directions. (Don’t worry about it coming off as just a messy dumping ground; the uniformly colored pages create a cohesive look.) Plus, it’s not like you have to go out and buy anything for this designer trick—most of us already have books ready, willing and able. Now I’m dying for a non-working fireplace. [Ryan Korban]