Vote For America’s Next Top Columnist

Sometimes I get a little down scanning the opinion pages of major newspapers and seeing that all the regular columnists are all old dude, old dude, Maureen Dowd, old dude. Sure, I can agree with the opinions of (or be convinced by a great argument from) someone of any age and gender—but the truth is that it’s young women who are most likely going to express my views, and they very rarely get space in commentary sections. Which is why I’m pretty excited about the Washington Post’s “America’s Next Great Pundit” contest. It’s kind of like “America’s Next Top Model” only for, you know, something substantial. Ten contestants are competing (and they’re good, since almost 5,000 entered) to win the prize of a 13-week column in the Post plus a small cash prize of $2,600. Each week, Post online readers will get to vote for their favorites as the contestants do a variety of opinion-writing challenges. Whom should you vote for? That’s totally up to you—there are many very smart, very cool columnists to choose from. I personally am voting for Courtney Martin, who scribes beautiful, honest, and sharp pieces for Feministing and the American Prospect. She may or may not be your girl, but regardless, vote. It’ll feel as good as picking your fave on “American Idol.” [Washington Post]