Two Pandas Going Through A Dry Spell Seek Sex Therapy

In Taiwan, Taun Tuan and Yuan Yuan, two giant pandas who live at the Tapei Zoo, no longer seem to be on the same page in the bedroom. Hey, dry spells happen to the best of us, right? But this lack of panda action is particularly distressing because it’s almost mating season and the pressure to produce cubs is on. So, what to do to get these two back in the mood? The zookeepers are seeking advice from therapists. The verdict? Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan may be sick of each other. Doctors are suggesting that the couple spend some time apart, evaluate the relationship, and get back to together for mating season. Hopefully, at that point they will be so lonely (or horny) that they will be doing it like rabbits—who, incidentally, never seem to go through dry spells. If that doesn’t work, I’m thinking they should see other pandas, consider a polypanderous lifestyle, or check out some panda porn. Or perhaps everyone should just stop pressuring them to produce offspring? I know they are endangered and all, but maybe they need to work on their relationship before they bring a cub into the picture. [Newser]