Today’s Lady News: After Homecoming Dance Gang Rape, City Struggles With Blaming The Victim

  • The city of Richmond, California, is struggling to deal with the horrific gang rape of a 15-year-old girl, which allegedly had up to 20 witnesses, outside a homecoming dance. For some in Richmond, this means blaming the victim and criticizing the “snitches” who put seven of the alleged rapists in jail. [NY Times]
  • A study of 13,000 high school students found girls who play team sports are less likely to smoke, be depressed, and use marijuana. Unfortunately, it also says boys who play team sports are more likely to behave violently and binge drink. [ABC News]

  • Officials at a public school in Utah balked when 12-year-old Suzannah Pabla, whose father is a Sikh from India, came to school with a nose piercing. Pabla said she was trying to express her school’s cultural heritage but her school said she violated the “no piercings” dress code. [Washington Post]
  • Seven of the 11 female victims found in the Cleveland backyard of convicted rapist Anthony Sowell have been identified. Families of many of the victims say that because their loved ones had drug abuse problems and criminal histories, police did not take families seriously when they went missing. [CBS News]
  • New York governor David Paterson has called legislators to the state capital tomorrow to vote on a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. [New York Times]—Paterson’s push for a vote in New York comes on the heels of Maine voters overturning a same-sex marriage law last week.
  • A recent poll by the Los Angeles Times and USC found a small majority of Californians support same-sex marriage. However, Californian voters also opposed putting same-sex marriage on the ballot box yet again. [L.A. Times]


  • Brazil’s Education Ministry is demanding an explanation from Bandeirante University after it kicked a 20-year-old female student out of class after offending the school’s “ethical principles, academic dignity and morality.” Her crime? Wearing a short, pink dress to class. [AP]
  • A Somalian man was recently stoned to death for adultery by Islamists, and his girlfriend will likely be stoned to death as well, once she gives birth to the couple’s child. [BBC News]
  • Underground women’s shelters in Iraq are helping women escape domestic violence. [Ms. Magazine via Utne Reader]