Taylor Lautner Keeps Losing His Shirt (Not That We Mind)

Taylor Lautner fans will see a whole lot of Taylor when ‘New Moon’ hits theaters. Even the newly bulked-up star has to laugh at one (of many) shirtless scene where he whips off his shirt to tend to a Kristen Stewart head-wound.

“I start laughing so hard every time I see that scene,” Lautner related at the ‘New Moon’ press day. “‘Oh you’re bleeding? Okay let me fix it.’ It’s so embarrassing.” Lautner explains there is a reason why his werewolf character doesn’t wear a lot of clothes. His character’s body temperature is 108 degrees and he’s always turning into a wolf — which rips up all his clothes. Keeping reading to find out if Lautner got those muscles from steroids or good ol’ fashioned pumping iron…

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