Quickies: No Doubt Sues Over Band Hero & Levi Johnston Wants Joint Custody

  • Rock band No Doubt is suing the makers of the Band Hero edition of Guitar Hero for including a virtual version of the band singing other people’s songs in the game. [LA Times]
  • A solid chunk of you readers probably asked yourselves this question: “Should I break up with my college boyfriend?” [Em & Lo]
  • Examine Britney Spears through the years by taking a look at the men she’s dated. [PopEater] — I’m surprised that with all the craziness, she has only publicly dated five men.
  • Check out the first installment of Maxim’s Style Guide, and learn how men are supposed to shave. [Maxim] — Their faces, people.

  • People fake their deaths for more ridiculous reasons than to avoid paying bills. [Cracked]
  • Levi Johnston says he plans to sue for joint custody of his 10-month-old son with Bristol Palin. [Us Weekly] — Won’t that mean that he’ll have to find a way to support the baby other than by dropping his pants?
  • What’s a girl to do if she has post-wedding blues? [TrèsSugar] — Suck it up and hope for the best is my guess.