Tour A Vogue Fashion Assistant’s Home

We’ve all seen “The Devil Wears Prada” and caught a glimpse of Anne Hathaway’s character’s perfectly disheveled, and ginorm, downtown NYC apartment. (You wonder, if her boyfriend is a line cook and she’s an assistant, how do they pay the rent? Oh, yeah, it’s a movie.) Well, before you start thinking that movies imitate life, get a look inside one real fashion assistant’s home—in Japan. Even though Emi Kameoka works for Vogue Nippon, she’s got a pretty normal house in Tokyo (or is it her parents’ house?)—well, except for her insane Chanel stash, and even more bonkers “My Little Pony” collection. You can tell right away, this girl ain’t so much about what her space looks like and instead spends most of her paycheck on accessories and plastic horses. (Which, if she’s a young assistant starting out, pretty much fits with what I used to do. Drop all my cash on clothing and shoes and bags and not really give a second thought to where I was living.) She’s a must see—check out the insanity, after the jump!

[The Selby]