Get The Look: Berlin Chic

It’s now been 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Since then, the city has emerged as a cultural tastemaker—call it a design town, if you will. So, of course, its residents tend to be well-dressed. But don’t expect cookie-cutter outfits or pretty-girl get-ups. Berlin chic is about edgy sophistication, customization, and avant-garde designers. Add a dash of subtle gender neutrality, and you’ve got a rad German vibe. After the jump, some tips for how to rock it.

  1. Stick to darker colors. Build from a base of artsy blacks, charcoals, and grays. Use dashes of color via accessories, like some bright yellow tights or electric blue high heels.
  2. Layer. Well this makes sense because Berlin is in Northern Germany, where it can get pretty cold. Rock wool coats, long sweaters, button-ups over camisoles or tights under shorts.
  3. Go vintage. Lots of Berlin girls take advantage of the great vintage shopping scene there. Think a recycled Burberry trench, old Doc Martens, or a heavy YSL coat. They’re equally obsessed with H&M, which is a go-to for rounding out a wardrobe. Cheap Monday is popular for jeans.
  4. Be slightly androgynous. Get an asymmetrical haircut or a sharp bob, and don’t be afraid to rock real boys’ clothing, Annie Hall-style.
  5. For inspiration, check out … Some awesome Berlin streetstyle photo blogs include Stil In Berlin and Street Clash.