Celebrity Girl Haters

I’m always skeptical of a woman who says doesn’t have girlfriends. It’s a real red flag for me – that leaves me wondering, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Is she untrustworthy? A boyfriend stealer? A narcissist? Sure – it’s fun and healthy to have guy friends (less drama for sure) – but it’s downright shady not to be able to get along with other ladies. According to a recent interview with Metro, Megan Fox thinks girls can’t be friends with one another because we all have daddy issues. When asked about the “frenemies” phenomenon she said, “Yes, girls are awful. But, in their defense, girls are awful because of the way society is set up – we’re constantly in competition for male attention. Our fathers raise us wrong and we spend the rest of our lives searching for boys to pay attention to us, which validates us. So no girl can really be your friend, because if she takes attention from you, your daddy doesn’t love you.” Watchu talkin’ ‘bout Megan? That’s some messed up stuff. I think she just proved my theory. Something’s not quite right there … but we already kind of knew that. After the jump, some other celebs that are girl haters. Gotta makes you wonder … [Celebitchy]Ever notice Angelina Jolie hanging out with a girl pal? No you did not because she doesn’t have any. Angie’s former lover Jenny Shimizu says, “She’s always had lovers she relies on.” And now she has lots of children too. [Entertainmentwise]

Maybe Evan Rachel Wood and Megan Fox should be friends. They both seem to have the “daddy issues” Megan speaks of. Aside from dating men waaay older than her, Evan also said, “Most of my friends are guys. I’ve always been a tomboy, and I don’t have many girlfriends.” P.S. It’s because no other 21-year-old girl wants to have dinner with you and Marilyn Manson. [Parade.com]

“That 70’s Show” star Laura Prepon prefers to play poker with guys and ride dirt bikes. She’s also a Scientologist. No further comments. [Women’s Health]

Mischa Barton probably doesn’t want to be besties with you unless you have a penis. The former television star boasts, “I hang out with a lot of guy friends. Men are more straightforward than women. There is no bulls**t.” When she says “bulls**t, is she referring to the time she told us she got committed to a mental institution to recover from bad wisdom tooth surgery? [Amy Grindhouse]

Paris Hilton claims that most of her friends are guys. Probably because they won’t tell her that she’s ridiculous. I wonder if that’s why her and Nicole fell out after “The Simple Life?” [Movietome]