6 Famous Female Girl Haters

girl hater megan fox jpg
I’m always skeptical of a woman who doesn’t have any female friends. It’s a real red flag for me—it leaves me wondering, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Is she untrustworthy? A boyfriend stealer? A narcissist? Sure, it’s fun and healthy to have guy friends (I do think they are often less dramatic, for sure), but it’s downright shady not to be able to get along with other ladies. And yet, so many famous women are always flaunting that they’re guys’ girls. Take Megan Fox. When asked about the “frenemies” phenomenon, Megan said, “Yes, girls are awful. But, in their defense, girls are awful because of the way society is set up—we’re constantly in competition for male attention. Our fathers raise us wrong and we spend the rest of our lives searching for boys to pay attention to us, which validates us. So no girl can really be your friend, because if she takes attention from you, your daddy doesn’t love you.” [Celebitchy]

Watchu talkin’ ‘bout, Megan? That’s some messed-up stuff. I think she just proved my theory. After the jump, some other celebs who are girl haters.

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