Ever Get Your Hair Done At A Beauty School?

Have you ever gotten your cut or color done at a beauty school or through a salon training program? You hear such mixed things about this. If you happen to get in with a fancy salon during a hair model day, you can walk away with a magazine-worthy ‘do … or a disastrous look. Try out your local beauty school and maybe the cut is just as good but one quarter the price of what you normally pay.

Here’s a story that really made us think twice about going the student route. One woman on the blog Brokelyn posted a story about how she decided to try out a $10 haircut at her neighborhood beauty school. She brought a photo with her, which showed a basic bob. Things didn’t go well from the get-go.“The school offers the public $10 practice cuts by pupils with little and possibly no experience, which was evident when I checked in for my appointment and was randomly assigned to a student who stared at me with a look of fear,” she writes. “That probably should have been my first clue that things weren’t going to go well.”

The rest seriously sounds like real nightmares we’ve had: “One side was at least two inches shorter than the other and the ends stood out, making my head look like a triangle block. My bangs looked weird too, suddenly stretching around half my head and clumping together in a strange way. My student-hairdresser looked confused at the way my hair had turned out and suggested that she flat-iron it as though that would fix my strange cut.”

Whoa. That really sucks and seems not at all worth the risk. Click through the link to see the woman’s before and after photos. (We didn’t have the heart to re-post beauty shame.) The end result isn’t a complete disaster because, apparently, the head teacher took over, but still, she looked way better than before. What do you think—have you had bad experiences at beauty schools? Or is it your best-kept secret? [Brokelyn.com]