Do You Decorate Your Home Like You Dress?

I’m a less-is-more kind of gal, usually. I barely wear makeup, I’m almost always without any sort of jewelry on and, when I’m shopping, I look for more basic pieces and try to focus on their “cut” (though Forever 21 isn’t really a place to look for well-cut clothing, but anyway.). So, when I looked at the above room, I thought, Holy moly! It looks like a giant kitsch bomb just exploded in there! See, my decorating sense is a lot like my fashion sense: pretty pared down and always clutter-free. And it seems this rule applies to the mass majority of people—you decorate like you dress. (Though, certainly not for Rachel Zoe: her house is an all-white clutter-free sanctuary and, well, we all know her more-is-more philosophy on layering and jewelry!) Do you buy into the fashion-home same style notion? And are you a less-is-more person? Or is less just a bore? [Desire to Inspire]