10 Things Not to Say To A Guy Watching Football

A girl who appreciates the ramifications of a fourth-and-long Hail Mary on Super Bowl Sunday is an amazing find, like a head coach who doesn’t wear pleated khakis. So when a girl’s as excited for pigskin season as we are, we’re looking forward to sharing boneless wings and broken remotes.

But if you’re just along for the snacks, we can appreciate that too — just be sure you don’t rack up penalty yards by making one of the following calls, guaranteed to send you to the bench.10. “I only watch them when they’re winning.”
Nothing grinds the gears of a diehard fan more than a fair-weather game watcher. Sure, it’s more fun when they’re dominating the division, but showing love for your team when they’re down in the dirt is the same thing as showing love for your man when he’s not at his best. That sort of unconditional support goes a long way. Read more…

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