5 Ways To Make An Old Outfit Look New

When I was little, my mom would take me shopping at the beginning of every season. I’d pick about x new shirts, x pairs of pants, a handful of skirts and most of the old stuff would be given away. Those were the days. Now, however, the potent combination of paying for my own things and not being able to justify throwing out closets of clothes that still fit have forced me to reconsider my shopping methods. Instead of buying a closet of new clothes, I buy a few nice things a year. It’s great when I first buy them and want to wear the new dresses to death. But then winter rolls around the next year and the wool sheath dress I bought last November isn’t so exciting anymore. Know what I’m saying here? In order to prevent you from the sort of wardrobe ennui that might inspire you to light your closet on fire, here are five solid ways to make old clothes feel new again.

  • New tights and leggings: Nothing is as sad as last year’s tired-looking tights with this year’s outfit. A couple new pairs of opaque black ones, a pair of cute patterned ones and a new set of leggings will automatically update an old outfit.
  • A fresh cardigan: Whether it’s a jewel-toned, cropped cardigan or a gray one with subtle neck embellishments, nothing breathes life into a pencil skirt and tee like a cute new topper. And if you go the cardigan route instead of buying a new jacket, you’ll save quite a lot of money.
  • A great belt: If you want to update your look, throw a belt on it. Whether sleek black patent or fun red leather, drab shift dresses are always looking for company around the waist.
  • A shoemaker to fix up your now-ratty favorite shoes: You aren’t buying new shoes, so make sure your old ones don’t look like crap. If they do, it will only depress you into spending on new shoes. Have your pumps and boots polished, replace the heel caps if they’re wearing down, and get the soles reinforced if need be.
  • Buy a new batch of fitted t-shirts: If you’re anything like us, you find a way to work tees both casually and with nice skirts and jackets. Aforementioned shirts can’t legitimately be expected to last more than a year. They stretch, they fade, they start looking lumpy in places you really don’t want to be looking lumpy. For your next round, we suggest these really nicely priced ones from Gap.