Baby Mamma O’ Meter: 10 Celeb Dads Who Really Spread Their Seed

baby mamma kevin federline jpg
No, Kevin Federline is not pregnant—he’s just put on some weight in an unfortunate area. But the rumor around the baby mill is that K-Fed’s new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is indeed preggers. Hmmm … let’s do the math here: he has two kids with Shar Jackson, two kids with Brit, and another one on the way. That works out to five kids with three baby mammas. This equation can mean only one thing: K-Fed likes to spread his seed. And what a glorious seed it is. But he’s not the only notorious celebrity dad. After the jump, some more celeb dads with multiple baby mamas. Warning: do not let any of these men inseminate you. [Celebitchy]
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