Will The “Real Housewives Of Orange County” Suffer Now That Everyone’s Broke?

While rumors flew all season that many of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” were broke, they did their best to keep the situation under wraps and downplay the home downsizing they were having to do. The women of Orange County, perhaps realizing that they need to up the dramatic ante, were more than vocal about their financial woes in last night’s season premiere episode. The worst off seemed to be Jeanna Keough, who you know as the brunette, square-faced former Playmate. A real estate agent who was once rolling in dough, Jeanna is now struggling to make ends meet, especially as she divorces her hubby. Not only does she reveal that she is moving into a much smaller house, she also gets a lecture on spending from teenage son Colton. “It’s weird to be in a place where you have to think before making a purchase,” she said. Awww, poor baby. But seriously, times are so tough for her that she’s leaving the show. Also in the financial weeds—even though she paid for the facelift of her dreams over the summer (“I am thrilled I can put my eye makeup on and I don’t have to hold my eyelids up”), Lynne and her family are facing eviction from their home. And Tamra and her husband’s honeymoon is over as they also facing serious financial worries, and it’s put such a strain on their marriage that they’re talking divorce. Also, her son might go to jail for unpaid parking tickets? Why are sons on this show always going to jail for really minor offenses?

So basically, the only people doing financially okay on the show are Vicki, who runs an insurance company, and Gretchen, who just got $2.5 million when her fiance died of cancer. Which means she can afford some pretty nice clothes to go out on dates with her new dude, Slade Smiley. “I truly think Jeff brought me Slade,” she said. Yeah, your dead fiance of course wanted you to find love with the young, hot douchebag who is now dating his third woman from this show. Ick.

What do you think—will this season of the show be all downhill? Or will seeing the rich struggle with normal-people things be very entertaining?