Top 10 Hottest Contestants On Reality TV

logan 110509 m jpg
Straight hottie fashion designer Logan got booted off “Project Runway” last week. And with the pretty boy gone, I’m wondering if there’s any reason to still watch. Like I need to listen to another week of Irina’s ego-maniacal monologues! As if. Well, I guess Heidi Klum is right: One week you’re in, the next week, you’re out. Auf wiedersehen, “Project Runway,” from my DVR cue. Sigh.

Over the years I’ve had my heart broken so many times watching fine-ass reality TV contestants get eliminated. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that those shows don’t last forever. Why don’t we take a stroll down memory lane together and check out all the sweet-lookin’ eye candy we’ve watched battle it out for our amusement?

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