Today’s Lady News: Marilyn Manson’s New Music Video Is Disturbing — Shocker!

  • Marilyn Manson has an extremely disturbing new video for his song “Running To The Edge of the World” where he murders a bikini-clad woman who looks like his ex, Evan Rachel Wood. I guess it wasn’t enough for Marilyn to tell Spin after their breakup, “I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull with a sledgehammer.” [You Tube]
  • Polish bikini model-slash-“Dancing With The Stars” contestant Joanna Krupa says posing for Playboy is feminist because so many women are involved in the photo shoot. I have to admit she’s got some good points in the interview. [Fox News]

  • Adult female students at Duke University are participating in a sex toy study. The director of the school’s Catholic Center has problems with this. [AP]
  • Raymond Jessop, a member of the Texas polygamist sect raided by police last year, has been convicted of sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 17. His victim was one of 400 children taken from the sect over child sexual abuse allegations. Jessop faces up to 20 years in prison. [CNN]
  • Abstinence-only sex ed doesn’t prevent kids from catching STDs or getting pregnant, says an independent government panel. Well, I’ll be. [Washington Post]
  • New York Governor David Patterson said he will put gay marriage on the agenda in an upcoming session, possibly leading to a first vote on the issue by NY’s State Senate. [New York Times]
  • Joe Torre, manager of the Dodgers baseball team, spoke candidly about growing up in a home with domestic violence. [L.A. Times]