The “Project Runway” Final 3 Are All Chicks

Project Runway” has been a little off this season, with the exception of amazing guest judges like Christina Aguilera and Milla Jovovich. Is the show’s formula feeling stale the sixth time around? Did the move to Lifetime ruin it? Or is this just the lamest cast ever? Last night, the five contestants were taken to the Getty Center and had to pick a piece of inspiration to base their garment on. Wait, that sounds familiar—didn’t they do that with the Metropolitan Museum of Art a season or two ago? Regardless of the very open-ended challenge, most of the night’s creations were pretty meh, and the only memorable pithy line from the whole episode was when Tim Gunn told Irina that her fur dress looked like roadkill. (She decided to scrap it and start from scratch.) But here is what did get me excited about last night’s episode. Two contestants were eliminated, bringing it down to the final three who will show at Fashion Week—it’ll be Irina versus Althea versus Carol Hannah. For the second season in a row, the final three contestants are all women. Can they turn it out like eco-friendly LeAnn, amazing Korto, and cat-throwing Kenley did last year? Let’s hope so. I’m pulling for Althea, even though her dress last night looked like crumpled gold foil, because her stuff has consistently been the least bland. Also, she’s not mean like Irina or totally boring like Carol Hannah. Who do you want to win?