Quickies: Deleted “Bruno” Scene Is Uncomfortable & Psychic To Contact Michael Jackson

  • The above clip is an “exclusive” deleted scene from the “Bruno” DVD. Things get really uncomfortable when baseball legend Pete Rose is forced to sit on a landscaper. [Maxim] — I’m so ashamed to admit I laughed. I had no plans of seeing any of this movie in my lifetime.
  • It’s no surprise movies don’t necessarily contain the most accurate depictions of actual life, but when it comes to sex, some of the depictions are plain myths. [College Candy] — Yeah, I’ve never ripped the sheet off the bed to run to the loo post-coitus.
  • The five most inappropriate situations to Twitter include attending church hungover and going to a great aunt’s funeral. See what other events shouldn’t be tweeted. [College Humor]

  • A psychic is going to attempt to communicate with Michael Jackson during “Michael Jackson: The Live Seance,” which airs at 10 p.m. tonight in Britain. [F-Listed] — I love a good seance, but something about this is so not right!
  • A Welsh couple found out their wedding cake was a fake made of polystyrene only after trying to cut into it at their reception. [Lemondrop] — That’s so beyond horrible.
  • Why get all frustrated shopping at malls and department stores for the holidays, when you can simply hit up the new crop of online retailers? [Pipeline]