Oh Dear God, Overalls Are In Style

Sweet Jesus, overalls are officially “in.” Ralph Lauren (runway shot above), Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli and other designers sent models down the runway sporting versions of the popular farm wear that ranged from questionable all-leather numbers to one quite unfortunate overall-inspired metallic evening gown. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love a comfy overall and I certainly do agree that they look adorable. On toddlers. I may have been known to sport an overall or two as recently as college, maybe even after that, here and there. But there comes a time in a grown-ass woman’s life when she’s simply a bit too mature to pull off certain looks, know what I’m saying? That’s why God created sexy jumpsuits for, I guess, you know, to satisfy that onesie urge. Much like those clogs that came clumping down spring runways, this is a look I’ll have to pass on. But you tell me: After it trickles down and Topshop and H&M and everyone else inevitably starts trying to sell you the trend, will you buy in? [Style.com]