Terrifying Thought: Did You Know Your Vagina Can Fall Out Of Your Body?

I thought I was done with vaginal tragedies after hearing about the poor woman with two vaginas. I was mistaken. Brave lady, Allison Henry, is speaking out about her vagina … which literally fell out. The clinical term for this is “vaginal prolapse.” Read on at your own risk. Allison was pregnant with her second child and doing some pre-natal yoga when she felt like “someone rammed a pitchfork up [her] butt.” After that she proceeded to bleed for 15 weeks (!!!) straight before giving birth to her son prematurely. Luckily nothing was wrong with the baby—Allison had just developed a hematoma outside of her placenta. But the trauma down south continued.

One day when she was wiping in the bathroom, she noticed that “there wasn’t really a hole there—it felt kind of flat.” And over the next year she began to notice something poking out of her vagina when she was wiping. One night she looked down and saw that all the bits that were supposed to be on the inside were on the outside. Aaarrrgghhhhhh!!! She rushed to her doctor screaming, “My vagina is falling out of my body!” The miffed doctor sent her to a pelvic specialist who concluded, “Holy crap—your vagina is falling out of your body!” Not words any woman ever wants to hear. WTF? Allison was having a complete uterine prolapse.

After dozens of surgeries and post-op complications (I am going to spare you the details because I am squeamish and feel too pukey to write about them), her vagina is back in its proper place and healing, although she is sadly sans uterus. As a consolation prize for all of her suffering (and it was a lot of suffering), she now has the vagina of a 13-year-old with perfect-looking labia. I’m glad Allison’s body is on the mend … and I will add this to my list of things to be terrified about. [Momlogic]