Why Malia Obama Is A Positive Role Model For Girls

While many 11-year-old girls are busy worshiping Miley Cyrus, swooning over the Jonas Brothers, and coveting Juicy Couture, Malia Obama just wants to learn. Proud papa, Barack, recently told a story about how she came home from school with a “C” on a science test and felt crappy about it. How did she deal? Certainly not by zoning out with an episode of “The Hills.” By hitting the books. When she came back the next day with an “A” she was proud—saying to her father, “I just like having knowledge.” Well I’ll be darned. A young girl who values her intelligence? As a former teacher, I know this type of statement is sadly rare. But it’s the kind of thing that girls need to hear one of their peers saying. Malia seems to understand that the coolest accessory is self-esteem. She’s a ‘tween who values her accomplishments above her appearance, ideas above her possessions, her pride above her status. A nation of girls will no doubt be watching as Malia navigates through the treacherous terrain of her awkward teenage years, with hopefully more grace than Chelsea Clinton. Here’s hoping that she will continue to inspire other young girls to seek smarts rather than handbags. [Newser]

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