Which “Sesame Street” Muppet Were You?

This week Sesame Street’s 40th birthday, and everyone is celebrating. Google is honoring the fabulous Muppet-tastic show with a prime spot for Cookie Monster (surrounded by cookies — none of this “sometimes food” nonsense,” please). And we’re reminiscing … Back in the day — the school day — when recess was all important, scrunchies fashionable, and pop culture knowledge paramount, the question was: “Which Muppet are you?” Which “Sesame Street” character you claimed as your own was important — it staked your claim on an identity long before we began calling each other Samanthas and Charlottes. Were you a quirky Count von Count? A flustered Bert? Easy, friendly Kermit? I loved Oscar most of all — he charmed me with his grouchiness from his trash can home. He glared funny, scrunching up his face into a mat of dirty green fur. And he got to say whatever he wanted. Maybe that’s why I got called a Miranda in college. I was just a grown-up grouch.

Which Muppet were you?