Sex, Lies & Videotape: Celeb Porns We Never Got To See

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A BMW heiress, who is an infamous German socialite and the 35th richest person in the world, has been battling blackmail to keep a sex tape private. The 47-year-old mother and wife, Susan Klatten, has just put four more men in jail for telling her to pay up nearly $1.2 mil, or else! (Oddly enough, they claimed the tape they had featured Swiss playboy Helg Sgarbi, who is also now in jail for trying to extort money from her as well.) But just like the luxury cars she has a stake in, Klatten refused to settle. She scheduled a place to exchange cash for the tape with the greedy guys, but instead set up a sting with the police. Suckers! The funny thing is, they never even had a tape. They were bluffing, and now they’re behind bars. Guess the world may never know how quickly Mrs. BMW can get from 0 to 60? Or if she can turn on a dime … OK, OK, you get my point. But Klatten is just another celeb who has gone to extreme lengths to stop a private sex tape from going public. Dang, what’s on that footage?! The world may never see these tapes, but that doesn’t mean we’re not curious.
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