Quickies: Sharon Osbourne Was Awful To Susan Boyle & Republican Congressman Destroys Pledge

  • Sharon Osbourne goes mean on the radio with “Opie & Anthony” while talking about “Britain’s Got Talent” sweetheart, Susan Boyle, saying she’d been hit “with the ugly stick.” [Popeater] — Oy. Seriously, lacking grace, Sharon.
  • Shakespeare is coming back to the big screen with another new face. Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes will perform in “Coriolanus,” a play that’s hardly ever assigned in high school English. [EW] — My nerd excitement is telling me to go!
  • Celebrity chameleons have consumed copious calories, forsworn makeup, worn fake noses, and (horror!) gone brunette for good roles. Reminisce over their many changes in this gallery of faces, from Mariah Carey in “Precious” to Oprah in “Beloved.” [Us Weekly] — Mariah Carey is completely unrecognizable with her natural hair and face.
  • Bloggers go behind the scenes and into the jury box to meet the “ Law & Order” cast. [Starpulse] — Wish I were guilty.
  • Neda Agha-Soltan, the famous victim of Iranian state violence, is still remembered. Her mother shares photos and memories of her slain daughter so the world will know her. [CNN]
  • Tea Party conservative Todd Akin screws up the Pledge of Allegiance. After talking about how amazing it is. And after saying that the pledge “drives liberals crazy.” [Politico] — What? I said ha, ha.