Kelly Osbourne’s Style Rules Actually Make Sense

A few short years ago, Kelly Osbourne was known solely for her fashion faux pas, wild hair and makeup, and drug addictions. So why did she pen a style book? Well, as any “Dancing with the Stars” fan will tell you, Kelly has lived through her well-documented fashion mistakes and has learned from them, coming out of the “tough years” very poised. She reveals her style tips in Fierce in a way that only Kelly can, but we’ve got a few takeaways for you after the jump.

  • Invest in foundation garments like Spanx: “The right underwear can make an outfit. It can smooth your shape or hold you in all the right places. Big knickers are not embarrassing – they’re a bloody life saver!”
  • Wear panties: “Don’t follow the fashion trend of going knickerless and waving your ***** around. I think it’s another form of addiction. It’s an addiction to attention.”
  • Invest in your shoes: “Always have a great pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Invest in an expensive pair.A good pair of heels. You wear a pair of Chanel shoes – no one would ever think that the rest of your outfit isn’t Chanel … “
  • A great bra is a must: “If your bra doesn’t fit it can make you look fatter or saggy. Go to (a good underwear store) and get professionally fitted.”
  • Every wardrobe needs a great pair of jeans: “Find that one pair that you always feel good in. You can make jeans look fancy or you can them look casual. For me, the cheaper the jeans the better the fit. Iget my jeans from Topshop and they only cost $80.”
  • Know what’s right for your body: “Don’t wear spaghetti straps if your arms are not toned. It’s not a good look. Don’t squeeze your body into a size smaller because you don’t want to admit you’re a 12 or 14. Wear the correct size for your body shape. Squeezing into a pair of pants that are a size too small will only make you have a muffin top.”

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