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I’m Convinced That Glittery Makeup Can Work In Real Life

We’ve talked about crazy makeup trends before—and even went to the source of this current glittery eyeshadow trend—but up until now, I was totally anti. Sparkle-related makeup was always one of those things that looked great on celebs or in photo shoots, but, for me personally, I couldn’t be convinced of how to pull it off in real life without looking like a disco ball—until now. Witness model Natalia Vodianova’s spread in the new December issue of V (one of the photos is above!). For the first time, it’s do-able glitter—and I think I’m intrigued because here is how it works … Check out the rest of Natalia’s face. That’s right, there’s not much to check out, because aside from her eyelids, the makeup artist didn’t bother — and that’s the key. It’s the old “play up one part and go neutral with the rest” trick. Except the “go neutral,” in this case, means “skip it altogether.” I love the way her hair isn’t all that styled and a little messy, her lips aren’t super shiny and there’s zero blush on her cheeks. It juxtaposes the intense sparkle factor and actually brings it down a notch—and makes the look perfect for a real-person night out (I’d discourage this for daytime/office hours, obvi). And if you are really looking to ramp the sex factor up, pair the glitter with some liquid liner and gobs of mascara. [V]

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